Remembrance Day


Today we celebrated Remembrance Day as a whole school. We discussed what the day is about and why we remember this day. The children created some beautiful tributes to the Armed Forces and placed them in the circular garden at the front of the school.

Mr Bell decided it was very important to honour all faiths and religions during this commemorative time of year. We placed wooden plaques of all faiths in the garden on which the children wrote some heart warming messages.

Please visit our circular garden at the front of the school to view and appreciate these lovely messages and the children’s efforts to mark this important time of the year.

TT Rockstar Day!

Untitled-design-51On Friday the 7th the whole school ‘rocked out’ to re-launch and promote the use of TT Rockstars! The children looked fantastic, as did the adults. We were so pleased with the children’s effort to look as rockin’ as possible and their enthusiasm and determination to keep practising their times tables facts. Take a look at our little rock stars below:

Bluebell Class


Badger Class


Elm Class


Goldfinch Class



Year 4 Reading Morning

UntitledStarting from Monday 28th October, Year 4 will be holding a Reading Morning every Monday from 8:45am until 9:00am. This will give you the opportunity to come into class and read with the children for fifteen minutes. As well as encouraging your own child to read, this will also give other children in class the chance to read with an adult and bring more joy to their reading experience.

This is also a great opportunity to get one of the three weekly signatures expected for reading in their Home School Diaries.

All you need to do is let your child’s teacher know, on a Monday, that you wish to come in to take part in some reading, sign the register for safety purposes and enjoy fifteen minutes of reading with the children.

TT Rockstars!

Hi Parents and Carers,

As it’s half term we know the children will be working hard on their times tables to prepare for their test in June 2020. After the workshops, we had some feedback from parents who wanted to know how to track their children’s times tables facts.

When the children log into their account they will be greeted with the main screen. This section will show the headings for different types of games they can play. Normally you would see the ‘Garage‘ section which is where children practise their facts.


This section may also be labelled as ‘Gig‘ at some stages.


This is on ‘Auto Level‘ which means the children will need to constantly play so more and more facts are available for them to practise. Some children have complained that they are stuck on certain numbers such as tens or twos. This is because they need to keep playing through the levels, not because they aren’t allowed to complete these facts.

Equally, if they want to practise all of their tables they can use the ‘Studio‘ section to do this. The best game for them to play to prepare them for the test in June is ‘SoundCheck‘. as it has the same timings and layout as the test.

The best way to keep track of which facts they need to work on is by viewing your child’s heat map in ‘Stats‘. If you hover over their rock name in the right corner a menu will appear. This also shows you their average time in seconds that they take to answer questions. We are aiming for six seconds or less to prepare them for the test.


Once you click on ‘My Stats‘ you will be able to view their heat map.


The key at the bottom shows you how quickly the children can answer a question. Generally, facts that are answered in six seconds or less will be in a light yellow leading towards a dark shade of green. Facts that are orange or red are the ones that need to be worked on the most. Any facts that don’t have a colour have not been practised yet so this is why it is important to complete ‘Gig‘ and ‘Garage‘.

We hope this is helpful and allows you to keep an eye on how well your children are doing with their times tables facts. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on the blog or ask your child’s teacher and we will support you as best we can.

Can I please stress that it is important that all children are practising for a minimum of ten minutes a day to help them improve as quickly has possible.

Happy Half Term from the Year 4 team.

Egyptian Workshop

On Wednesday children in Year 4 took part in an exciting learning opportunity with a visitor from Portals to the Past. During this time they: played an ancient game, learned to decode hieroglyphics, measured using a cubit and buried an Egyptian Pharaoh! It was a fantastic experience which all the children fully participated in.

Comment below to tell us about your day.