Papyrus Painting!

To bring our Ancient Egyptian topic to an end, the children created Ancient Egyptian art on their papyrus paper. First, they looked at the different themes that the Ancient Egyptians depicted in their art. From this, they created their own sketch, focusing on the tone and style of sketch. Then, they painted their sketch concentrating on the colours that the Ancient Egyptians used.

Have a look below at our lovely papyrus paintings!

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Spelling Bee!

The new year in Year 4 began with a buzzing start with our first St Matthew’s Year 4 Spelling Bee!

The children were given Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 common words to practise and spell! The pressure was on…

Round 1: Every child had 25 words to spell, only 12 children could go through to the next round…

Round 2: The children had to write three words individually until there were only 3 contestants left from each class…

Round 3: Finally, it was time for the final! This took place in the Key Stage 2 Hall, the 12 finalists had to spell one word at a time until there was only 1 winner left…

We are super proud of all our finalists, it really was not an easy competition!

THIS YEAR’S Spelling Bee Winner was…

Theodora from Badger Class!

Congratulations Theodora!


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First Week Back!

Welcome to 2020! We are looking forward to teaching all the exciting topics this term, such as the Romans in History and Animals including humans in Science.

The first week back ended with a fantastic fashion show, including a star appearance by Mr Drew! The children had created their own Egyptian face masks using mud rock and paint.

Below are the videos from each class, watch and enjoy!

Goldfinch Class

Badger Class

Bluebell Class

Elm Class


Egyptian Bread

This half term, the children have been continuing their learning about the Egyptians and have made their own Egyptian flat bread! They worked extremely hard to knead the dough, create a flat circle and hand their dough over to the teachers to cook in the kitchen during lunchtime. They received a tasty treat at the end of the day!! Here are some examples from Goldfinch Class in the form of a slideshow:


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TT Rockstars Lunchtime Clubs


As of this week we will be allowing the children in Year 4 to attend a lunchtime TT Rockstars club to allow them to practise their times tables and complete sessions that have been set for homework. These will run from 12:00pm to 1:00pm.

Elm Class and Badger Class clubs will be held in class during Wednesday lunchtimes.

Bluebell Class and Goldfinch Class clubs will be held in class during Thursday lunchtimes.


May I remind everyone that we are taking part in the ‘Maths Week England Rock Out’ this week and it will end on Friday. We are asking the children to use TT Rockstars as much as possible this week to help our school win some fantastic prizes!

The competition runs from 7:30am until 7:30pm everyday this week. Good luck!