We need some more girls in here…

A massive WELL DONE to all of our Rock Heroes so far! We are extremely proud of how hard you have worked to be able to answer times tables questions in under 1 second!

At the moment all of our current Rock Heroes are boys. So, girls, keep working hard and getting quicker and quicker and hopefully we will have some of you up here very soon!

Keep up the hard work, Year 4.

Alieu (Badger), Damian (Badger), Ledion (Elm), Wojciech (Bluebell), Israel (Badger) and Imran (Goldfinch)


Electric Elms!

This week, Elm Class have been investigating different materials to discover if they conduct electricity or not. The children eagerly grabbed their desired objects and waited patiently to test their objects.

We discovered that mainly metal objects such as scissors and paperclips conducted electricity really well. However, objects such as rubbers and pencils did not conduct electricity because they are made or rubber and wood.

We can’t wait to investigate further!


Spelling Bee

Last week in Year 4 the pressure was on as we conducted our second spelling bee of the year!  The 12 finalist consisted of Jacob, Ledion and Fabian from Elm Class, Imran, Hannah and Amira from Goldfinch Class, Lily, Theo and Vanessa from Badger Class and Ben, Nikola and Wojchiech from Bluebell Class. The competition started off tense as the contestants attempted to spell Year 5 common exception words! As contestants started to be eliminated one by one we got down to our final three; Imran (Goldfinch), Ledion (Elm) and Jacob (Elm). In the end, the words got the better of them and Jacob was crowned our spelling bee winner for the second time in a row!! A big congratulations to the top 12 and we hope to see you in the final spelling bee of the year!


Badger Class become scientists

In Science, Badger Class have been looking at teeth. To finish off this topic, the children have become little scientists. They have conducted an experiment into the effect of different liquids on hard boiled eggs (the eggs representing human teeth and the shell acting as tooth enamel). Coke, lemonade, milk, water, apple juice and orange juice have all been used to investigate which liquid has the most impact on the eggs. Children have made predictions and over the coming week they will be analysing the results. If you want to find out what happens, loo out for next week’s post. Below are some pictures of the children conducting the experiment …


Potter’s Potions

Harry Potter was the theme for World Book Day in Year 4 last week. The entire day was jam packed with lots of potion themed activities. The day began with an introduction to the story which then led to children designing and creating their very own potions. They absolutely loved designing, creating and making them. Some of their ideas were truly fantastic and really quite original. Take a look at some below …… 



Spelling Bee Finale

All of the Year 4 children took part in our first Year 4 Spelling Bee Competition.  The top three spellers from each class had to compete against each other in the grand final. The 12 children who made it to the last stage were amazing. They were given many words to spell, some of which were really quite tricky. Eventually the words got the better of them and the final three children were Ben (Bluebell), Hana (Goldfinch) and Jacob (Elm). Battling against each other the champion was finally crowned as Jacob from Bluebell.